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Everyone already knows about our very own MIDGET MANE! He has done an OUTSTANDING work in PRODUCING hitters on his first two breedings and we expect this to be his BEST litter! NAKED LADY is our MOST impressive female--yes out of all the A-1 females we have she stands as THE CHAMPION! She is litterally a blue bowling ball with a huge head, thick neck, wide body, Barry Sanders' thighs, and is very short! She is the FIRST PICK female from the FORTY XXX SEERESS litter! She is the 2012 bullier clone of LEGENDARY Gottiline GYPSY, and puts the majority of these males being hyped to shame! This is a another 2X FORTY breeding; the last with CREME BRULEE was AWESOME! GORILLA BLACK, 2X CH. ESCOBAR, BLOW, ROCK & RUBY, WHOADY, BLACK ACE, 21 BLACKJACK, CASINO & GYPSY, and 2X GR. CH. BOSTON GEORGE(GRAPE APE) are running through the veins of EVERY pup from this litter!



GORILLA's sire is KINGDOM; one of the BEST producing GOTTILINE studs out! He is very short, very wide, very thick, and has the same head as ARMANI! Speaking of ARMANI; GORILLA's dam BRANDY, is littermates to ARMANI! BRANDY is from the MARCELLO XXX OREO litter which was filled with hitters; some are all the way in Asia! BRANDY is also half-sister to MR. MIAGI! OREO is LEGENDARY GOLIATH XXX MOO MOO bloodwork taken to MONSTER which has consistently produced the BEST: Kingpinline WEZZY, KC Gottiline ARMANI, KC Gottiline RHINO, Kingpinline DRAMA, etc! Let's make sure everyone has this right; this is REALLY KINGDOM & ARMANI taken to our very own CHONCHEES--the BEST of both worlds! CHONCHEES is a LIVING LEGEND, and the BEST daughter of both OSITA and BOOGIE! She was created by the founder of GOTTILINE for himself! CHONCHEES is EXTREMELY bully in conformation, CRAZY girthy, VERY muscular, and a SERIOUS PRODUCER! You NEED A-1 females to produce, and this ENTIRE pedigree is FILLED with PRODUCERS! First and foremost we would like to thank Yahweh for giving us great SUCCESS! Next, we would like to thank Prophet Shaw for her continual prayers and encouragement! If you are looking for a REAL man or woman of God you've found one! Finally, we would also like to thank Alex of KC GOTTILINE for being an ETHICAL and HONEST breeder--something that you don't come by in this dog game! We STRONGLY suggest you support the GOOD folks in this dog game by doing business with him! 2X GOLIATH, 2X KING SPADE, ROMEO, G2, MARCELLO, and BOOGIE!



MIDGET MANE has already proven that he can PRODUCE; throwing midgets with lego men helmet heads, and we expect GREATER with this breeding! MIDGET MANE is very short, wide, compact, having heavy bone, track star rear, and a head to match--COMPLETE POCKET PIT! Now comes CREME BRULEE one of the sexiest females in our kennel! She is the 1st PICK female from non other than FORTY XXX CHONCHEES! She is thicker than the most impressive males out, with extreme bone density, extremely huge chest, and her head is A-1! We receive numerous emails from people attempting to purchase her from us to no avail--if you don't have 6K then here is your chance to have some of her AWESOME productions! As mentioned we are expecting GREATER with this litter as this may be our BEST in-house litter thus far! The girth and bone on midgets is going to be consistent from the first to last PICK in this litter! CREME BRULEE has some of the most select and rare bloodwork within GOTTILINE, and MIDGET MANE has nothing less than show Champions and Legends running through his veins! This is our first non-inbred 2 X FORTY litter, and that in which ALL the bullies were created by us; truly letting the world see that FORTY DAYS & FORTY NIGHTS is a SERIOUS PRODUCER whose impact can be seen through FOUR generations! THIS IS OUR MASTERPIECE and we give all the credit to Yahweh The Father!




We are VERY excited about taking our shortest and MOST complete pocket pit in MIDGET mane to SEERESS BLACCA! MIDGET MANE is the 1st PICK quality male that we produced from the ASSASSIN XXX GHANA'S GLORY litter. He is COMPLETE from head to toe and an even shorter clone of his Grandsire, GRAND CHAMPION BOSTON GEORGE! He has head size and a muzzle to die for! SEERESS comes off one of the BEST producing BLACKJACK daughters, BLANCA. BLANCA is the same dam who produced BLACKSTAR who is the foundation female to PLATINUM and GOLDMINE--MIDGETS! SEERESS' sire MR. Thas given her EXTREME bone and girth in her previous productions, and SEERESS' blood maybe one of the BEST within GOTTILINE to cross with RAZORS EDGE! We expect NOTHING less than the BEST with A LOT of BIG boned and BOBBLE headed pockets!




KING ASSASSIN is off Grand Champion BOSTON GEORGE and a direct BLOW daughter! GHANA'S GLORY is off FORTY and GRAPE APE. BOSTON GEORGE and GRAPE APE are full brother and sister, so this is line bred Champion ESCOBAR with some of the rarest blood in BLOW and FORTY to take it to the next level! GHANA is a black TRI midget with heavy bone and THE BEST head and muzzle on any of our females. ASSASSIN is a thick and very compact purple/champagne TRI who is on the rise! We expect huge heads on some thick midget bodies with some crazy TRI colors!

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