This dream began in 1991 when a young child was finally given a puppy he'd begged his Mother for for years! People were amazed that a child was able to effectively train his new puppy to sit, stay, heel, and laydown in only a few days! After graduating from college with honors in Microbiology/Molecular Biology with a strong foundation in Genetics this young man decided to put this advanced knowledge to work. With this The Kennels At Blue Ribbon Bullies was incorporated in 2006 with locations in Florida, Georgia, and California.

Our center piece is Forty Days & Forty Nights; adding only the rarest pieces of Razors Edge, Gottiline, and Kingpinline into our program. Our pitbulls are family raised indoors away from the elements and run free on our spacious grounds. We thank God that we have been blessed to produce some of the best pitbulls out there! Our goal has been to create the most impressive pitbulls with heavy bone, huge heads, athletic rears, broad chests, thick necks, and all body.

We operate under a strict code of ethics as all our adults are DNA'd and microchipped to ensure the specific bloodwork is true. All our pitbulls are purple ribbon registered with the UKC and we are looking forward to registering them with the ABKC as well. This is a business thus we operate as such; with all finalized agreements in the form of notarized contracts. We have dedicated our lives to creating the most impressive kennel starters and best friends for ourselves and our clients!!! To show our gratitude we have provided many luxuries to all our clients that reach far and beyond the kennel--join to find out!!!

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